About Us

The good food fellas.

It’s only just right that a platform designed  to connect people in the neighbourhood, started with three good neighbours. As big family men (with 12 kids between them!) they are passionate about the important role food plays in bringing people together and in life in general for a matter of fact. As fathers, they think it’s disconcerting that 50 % of food consumed in the UK is ultra-processed. So, they decided to take matter into their hands and created HOMYCHEF.

“We wanted to have a positive impact on the world and our neighbourhood - set a good example for our children. Making fresh, tasty homecooked food more accessible and promoting entrepreneurship at the same time!”

With love from a kitchen near you.

HOMYCHEF mission, or recipe if you like, is both simple and big. We want to fill tummies and neighbourhoods with healthy, affordable, homecooked love – by creating the platform you didn’t know you were craving. Connecting people who love to cook with people who love to eat well (good food). Let’s call the dish “Home-to-Home Food Happiness”.

HOMYCHEF makes it easy to find food makers in your neighbourhood, learn a little bit about them, see what they’re cooking, and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Get a taste of Argentina with Frida’s empanadas, or take a taste bud travel to Italy, with mama Rosa’s homemade pastas. We want every bite to put a smile on your face.

Because we forking love you!

HOMYCHEF hungers for a world where micro-enterprises rise and thrive, in the most delicious way. A world where no food is wasted, and neighbours unite. A world where people come together with the love and comfort of a homecooked meal – sharing the flavours of their cultures, the ingredients they grew up with and their recipes for joy!

"We work hard, every day, to feed that dream. HOMYCHEF is not just here to make HOME COOKING ON-DEMAND happen. We are here to celebrate and support the people behind the pots – and bring well tasting, healthy happiness to your plate."

Safety & Hygiene is always on our mind!

At HOMYCHEF we put food safety first. In fact, it’s a key ingredient! All Homychefs are aligned to industry health standards. Not only are they required to pass the (at least) Level 2 food and hygiene certificate before being able to register on the platform but they also have to undergo kitchen inspection by Homychef team. When it comes to food safety, we’re completely OCD! (sorry but not sorry!).