Hurry Up! Our first chefs keep 100% of their earnings


HOMYCHEF connects aspiring home-cooks and professional chefs working from home, with food lovers in their neighbourhood. We help you create and kickstart your very own kitchen micro-enterprise.

Our platform provides you with all the tools required to be in business: from the technology needed to promote your menu and sell your dishes online, to branded packaging, to a home-to-home delivery-service and a reliable online payment facility. Together we bring tasty homecooked food, economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity to your neighbourhood!

Why become a HOMYCHEF?

Cook & Earn

Make an income or just some extra cash while doing what you know and love - that makes you (and tummies) happy.

Be the boss! (Of your kitchen micro-enterprise)

Create your own menu, set your own prices and work whenever you want. Our job is to support you with payments, logistics and customer support.

Make happy customers, one fork at a time

We are here to market your cuisine and ‘spread the word’, so you can share your food love with customers in the neighbourhood. Home-to-home delivery included!

Life as a HOMYCHEF. How does it all work?

  • 1

    Sign up as a Homychef here

    Fill out the form and submit the information we need to get you started

  • 2

    Get approved to start cooking.

    Get your (at least) Level 2 Food safety and hygiene certificate, send

  • 3

    Figure out your schedule & create a menu

    Put together your selection of dishes and upload them. You can change

  • 4

    Get your customers order & fire up the oven.

    Customers can pre-order their meals from 4 hours to a week in advance

  • 5

    Pack up your orders & have them ready to go on time.

    Once you are done with your cooking, cool your dishes and have them re

Help when you need it.

Something on your mind? Contact Us

Our customer support team is always here to help if you have an issue

Secret ingredient to success: Teamwork

You do what you’re good at and love, and let us take care of the rest

Food safety training is a big deal.

All Homychefs in the making are required to have a food safety and hyg

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Ratings are great for everyone! Good ratings will help you get new customers, build a loyal customer base and be nominated Chef of the Week for your neighbourhood! Just do your best and make every dish awesomely good – you’ll be absolutely fine!! And remember, five stars from your neighbour beats a Michelin star any day of the week!

No problem! That’s the beauty of being the boss of your own kitchen – nobody owns your time. But you need to plan ahead! If you want to continue being a Homychef, you can’t cancel pending orders without a really good reason. (Simply put: Respect your neighbours, and your fellow Homychefs.)

You will be paid by us, every two weeks. (As we are a small company this is the standard, but we are working hard to get it reduced!). Our online automatic payment processing system will automatically issue payments to your chosen account, so you can plan ahead and re-invest in your kitchen micro-enterprise.

Of course, you do! We wouldn’t want it any other way. But remember that we are here to put accessible, healthy homecooked food on the table (and awake the community spirit) – so let’s play fair and be reasonable.

This is about us, not you;) We got this! HOMYCHEF has partnered with some nice and super reliable delivery companies. They will collect at your doorstep and hand deliver to your customer. It’s what we call Home-to-Home food happiness!

You have to be really passionate about cooking – and make really tasty food. You can be a professional chef with formal qualifications, or a self-taught home cook wizard. You need to hold (at least) a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate, and have your kitchen approved by local council. (Unless you are already registered, of course).

Ready to Start cooking?

Sign up below and join the community of Homychefs cooking in your neighbourhood.